Cooking with Kenworthy

Over the years, Adam Kenworthy has secretly been following me around the United States as we have gotten to know each other. From Des Moines, IA to Lake of the Ozarks, MO, and then to Colorado. It is most likely because he is jealous of my lifestyle...or maybe it's just randomly worked out that way.

I'm pretty sure Adam is the one to be jealous of...after graduating college at Colorado State, he decided to ride his bike across the US by himself, then he ran a  few ultra marathons, lived/snowboarded in Aspen during the winters, guided surfers in Nicaragua for the summers, did some modeling in New York and probably 40 other cool things that I am forgetting about. He's one of those guys that everybody likes and is pretty much good at everything he does, so one of those guys that no one likes.

Adam's surf trips to Nicaragua have turned into something a lot bigger lately, and that has brought us back together to collaborate on some really fun projects. A few years ago Adam planted 100 fruit trees in the small community he would stay at as a means to provide income for the Garcia family while also creating job opportunities and fresh produce for the local community. This has slowly developed into a sustainable fruit, vegetable and herb farm. For more information, visit

To raise awareness for Finca Santa Marta, Adam and I, with the help of "Money Maker" Mike Wilson, came up with the idea to create a fun Visual Recipe Series. Adam a.k.a. CheckAK creates some unique recipes in his free time and I try to create unique videos in mine, so we just put the two together. Whenever Adam comes to town, we usually try to hammer out a few recipes. We filmed three the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, here is the first: